EvoEvo (Evolution of Evolution)  (EOE) Session 2

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Time and Date: 14:15 - 18:00 on 20th Sep 2016

Room: E - Mendes da Costa kamer

Chair: Guillaume Beslon

16007 Evolution of Evolvable Systems (invited talk) [abstract]
Abstract: I shall survey experimental and theoretical results from an ERC Advanced project with that name (https://www.parmenides-foundation.org/research/projects/evoevo/). I shall focus on three issues: (1) Experimental approach to infrabiological systems, (2) Major transitions theory 2.0 (especially the filial transitions), (3) Learning in evolution versus Evolution in learning.
Eors Szathmary (Parmenides Center for the Concecptual Foundations of Science, Pullach/Munich, Germany)
16008 In-silico experimental evolution highlights the influence of environmental seasonality on bacterial diversification [abstract]
Abstract: http://www.evoevoeu/download/evoevo_workshop_2016/EvoEvo2016_Rocabert.pdf
Charles Rocabert (INRIA Grenoble-Rhône Alpes, FR)
16009 Evolution of r- and K-selected species of Virtual Microbes: a case study in a simple fluctuating 2-resource environment [abstract]
Abstract: http://www.evoevo.eu/download/evoevo_workshop_2016/EvoEvo2016_vanDijk.pdf
Bram van Dijk (Utrecht University, NL)
16010 Modeling the co-evolutionary dynamics of the Lobaria pulmonaria lichen symbiosis [abstract]
Abstract: http://www.evoevo.eu/download/evoevo_workshop_2016/EvoEvo2016_Adams.pdf
Julia Adams (Wellesley College, US)
16011 EvoMachina: a novel evolutionary algorithm inspired by bacterial genome reorganisation [abstract]
Abstract: http://www.evoevo.eu/download/evoevo_workshop_2016/EvoEvo2016_Hoverd.pdf
Tim Hoverd (University of York and York Centre for Complex Systems Analysis, UK)
16012 Evolution towards extinction in replicase models: inevitable unless… [abstract]
Abstract: http://www.evoevo.eu/download/evoevo_workshop_2016/EvoEvo2016_Hickinbotham.pdf
Simon Hickinbotham (University of York, UK)
16013 Physical interaction with automated music composition platforms [abstract]
Abstract: http://www.evoevo.eu/download/evoevo_workshop_2016/EvoEvo2016_Abernot.pdf
Jonas Abernot (INRIA Grenoble-Rhône Alpes)