Financial Networks and Policy Applications from Systemic Risk to Sustainability  (FNPA) Session 1

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Time and Date: 14:15 - 18:00 on 21st Sep 2016

Room: A - Administratiezaal

Chair: Stefano Battiston

4019 Introduction - "Policy Applications of Financial Networks" Stefano Battiston, FINEXUS - Univ. of Zurich
4020 Contributed Ignite Talks Session (see Satellite webpage
4021 t.b.a. Marten Scheffer, Wageningen University and Research Centre, Netherlands
4022 Bubbles and crashes in large group asset market experiments Cars Hommes, CeNDEF - Univ. of Amsterdam
4023 New Metrics for Economic Complexity: Measuring the Intangible Growth Potential of Countries Luciano Pietronero, University of Rome Sapienza and Institute of Complex Systems, ISC-CNR, Rome, Italy
4024 t.b.a. Doyne Farmer, Oxford Univ. and Institute for New Economic Thinking, UK
4025 Panel Discussion - "Policy Applications of Global System Science: From Systemic Risk to Sustainability." Moderator: Stefano Battiston. Panelists: Marten Scheffer, Cars Hommes, Luciano Pietronero, Doyne Farmer